Paying the piper and other politics


When I learned that professional Christian and former Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis may have to pay $225,000 for denying gay couples marriages licenses in her capacity as an elected official who swore on the Bible she believes in to uphold the laws of the land, I felt sorry for her.

Not because she spent five days in jail for her refusal to marry five same-sex couples.

Not because she wasn’t re-elected when Democrat Elwood Caudill Jr. beat her, a Republican, in the race for Rowan County clerk by 4,210 votes to 3,566 votes.

Not because Davis had the full-throated support of Republican Governor Matt Bevin – until it was time to pay the bill for her lawlessness.

Not because Bevin’s attorneys are telling the court that the state shouldn’t have to pay for her decision not to do her job.Not because she is now expected to pay the money herself. I’m certain a GoFundMe campaign will cover the $225,000 in legal bills run up by the five couples to whom she refused service as an elected official because of her religious beliefs.

Not because Kentucky GOP higher ups couldn’t get enough of her flimsy bravado until the bill came due.

Not because those same GOP leaders are saying Davis’ exhibited “conduct that violates civil rights” as the reason lawsuits were brought and that she acted without state sanction, therefore she should be held responsible. Weasels. I’m thinking the Jesus they believe in was a fair-weather friend.

Not because, as Kentucky Governor Bevin’s lawyers are saying, “Her local policy stood in direct conflict with her statutory obligation to issue marriage licenses to qualified Kentucky couples. The local policy also undermined the Commonwealth of Kentucky’s interest in upholding the rule of law.”

Not because she’s now decided to become a preacher. Afterall, would you hire her? How could an employer trust that herJesus didn’t have veto power over his Employee Handbook?

Not because, as the court has decided, “Davis had an independent and sworn duty to uphold the law as an elected county officer. If fees are awarded, they must be the responsibility of the Rowan County clerk’s office, which should be deterred from engaging in conduct that violates civil rights — and leads to costly litigation.”

Not because before there was money involved – that old give to Caesar what is his thing - Governor Bevin called her “an inspiration… to the children of America.” And now she’s not.

Not because the court ruled “Davis represented the Commonwealth of Kentucky when she refused to issue marriage licenses to legally eligible couples. The buck stops there.”

I feel sorry for her because I think she’s learning that although her fellow Christians might rally for her in the heat of the moment, once money is involved, they bolt. She’s learning the hard way that money talks. Bullshit walks. And she’s the bullshit.

She’s learning that her fellow GOP Christians excel at talking the talk. They fail at walking the walk. The endless (and boring, tedious) stories of her fellow professional Christians sweaty and red faced as they denounced anything Gay and then end up being exposed as closeted homosexuals shows any thinking adult their talk is different than their walk. They excel at hypocrisy.

Imagine how Davis felt when she learned that former conversion therapy guru and Mormon David Matheson wants to date men. That he regrets practicing the debunked therapy for years.

I feel sorry for her because she’s been so fooled and deceived and now ridiculed. And stuck with the bill for everyone else’s religious orgy of faith that ultimately failed.


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