Tainted Friendship

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Tainted Friendship

I've always been a timid, shy boy. Maybe it was because of my upbringing, or maybe it was caused by the world I lived in. The majority of the world didn't think we belonged, and we tried hard to hide. You see, I am gay, and being a young virgin adult doesn't help this fact. My name is Daniel and I planned to lose my viriginity these summer holidays.

I've had crushes on many of the guys around me, especially my Andrew since I have been near him for most of my memorable life. We've been through everything together, school, family life, and especially puberty. I watched Andrew blossum into something that cannot be described with mere words. Okay, so maybe I'm taking it a bit overboard, but he's got personality, intelligence, a great sense of humour and definitely looks. Everything I've been looking for, everything I desired. But he was out of reach and I knew this because he's always onto me about his "catch of the day", normally April from English class.

Now into present day. We had a few weeks ago, and it has been nothing but farewell parties nearly every day for everyone who's leaving to go to university or elsewhere. I mostly accompany April and Andrew to the parties, as I am still single. But one thing that worried me was what Andrew was going to be doing for next year. He never discussed it with me, and when I brought it up, he quickly changed subject, so I normally just dropped it. At one , on a Saturday night, another friend asked him what he was doing and when his party will be, and he finally dropped the ball. He was going over to America to study. I was going to lose my best friend. This is why he hasn't told me. I couldn't believe it. I just stood there staring at him, not realising he was staring back. I started remembering all the most important moments in our lives together and tears started to well in my eyes. Not to embarrass myself I turned quickly and ran out the front door. I didn't see Andrew run after me.

I kept on running through the cold night, it had been raining earlier and I nearly slipt on the pavement a few times. I saw the park where we spent much of our childhood together and ran across the road into the park. I ran to the swings we spent all our Saturday's on, trying to see if we could swing all the way over. I remembered when Andrew broke his arm and we never swung on them since. I sat down on my swing sobbing. I still couldn't believe that he was going. My best friend. I didn't hear his foot steps, or him sitting down in the swing next to me. I first noticed him when he placed his hand on my shoulder and whispered my name. I shrugged it off and started to swing. I was way too big for it now, but I didn't care. I just didn't want to talk to him.
Andrew started swinging on his at the same sync as my own. I didn't care. He could do what he liked, I didn't need to bother with him anymore.

"This brings back memories," Andrew declared over the wind.

I ignored him and continued to swing, eyes faced forward.

"Last time, if I remember correctly, you caused me to break my arm."

This brought a small smile to my face. Because it was true, I dared him to try and break my record and swing as high as possible.

"It was pretty silly of us to stop coming to the park after that," he continued. "Don't you agree?"

"If I remember correctly, it was your idea to not come here anymore. Same as it's your idea to leave for America and stop being my friend," I retorted.

He looked genuinely surprised. "Stop being your friend? Are you kidding me?"

I placed my feet to the ground to stop my swing, he followed suit.

"Daniel, look at me." I didn't move.

"Fine, I'll look at you."

He got up and moved around and crouched down to look up at my face.

"Daniel, you've always been a stubborn bastard, and I'll never be able to change that." I smiled a bit. So did he. "But in the end you are going to have to accept my decision."

"But America? That's in another fucking country!" I screamed down at him.

If he wasn't holding onto my knees he would have fallen backwards.

"Daniel! Listen man."

"No! Does 18 years mean nothing to you?"

"It does man, come on, just listen, please!"

I remained silent, a sign that he should continue. He took it.

"We've been very close friends, and me going to another country doesn't change that." He looked up at me with the brown eyes I was so familiar (and attracted) to. How could I ever hate him? Then a thought came to me, was I more angry at him ruining our friendship, or was I mad at myself to think I could have ever gone through promise to lose my virginity with him before the summer ended.

"What are you thinking?" He queried me. I looked down at him in a daze. So many things were going through my mind right now, especially since he was in a vulnerable position with his chin only inches away from my crotch. Strange thoughts entered my head and a hot sensation trembled in my pants. I quickly stood and turned away from him so he couldn't see my growing attraction.
I stared ahead of me, shaking in the coldness hoping the heat deep down would calm itself before he came closer. I saw him stand, from the shadow that was cast ahead of me, and move closer to me. Andrew placed one hand on my shoulder and I took a step forwards away from him. We both continued this for a few more moments before he broke the silence.

"Come on Daniel, it's like we're dancing here."

I smiled, he could always turn the most horrible of situations funny. I turned my head towards him and suddenly realised he was by my side. The look on his face was so compassionate, so innocent. He sported a half-smile that made his whole face light up. I don't know what I was thinking at that moment, but the next few events happened in slow motion. I turned slowly and moved my head closer to his, he trustingly didn't back off. I made contact with his lips and all the blood in my head drained down to the lower part of my body. Closing my eyes, I turned more and placed my hands on the sides of his head. I suddenly felt him push me away on the chest. I opened my eyes to xnxxv sunny leone video see his eyes in a frightening stare. That look alone made me burst into tears and I ran off into the darkness, towards the back of the park.

He crouched behind a tree, falling to the ground in tears. I buried my head into my hands and sobbed as quietly as I could. It took a while before I could hear him calling out to me. I didn't answer. I didn't want to see his face. Suddenly the park lit up as a passing car drove by. The light went as quickly as it came. I prayed that he didn't see me. But the sounds of his coming footsteps removed any doubt.

He knelt down beside me and whispered my name again. How could he even talk to me? Why isn't he bashing me up? I'm a God damn faggot!

"Daniel, look at me please..."

I looked up and saw he was on his hands and knees in the cold mud. He moved his head towards me and it was my turn to back off slowly. He moved closer and placed his lips on mine. Electricity shot through my body as he pushed my head against the tree with his lips. I grabbed his head and as tried he tried to part my lips with his tongue. I let him in. He put his hands on my knees and moved his body closer. Still connected we slowly rose from the ground, balancing on each other and the tree behind me. We embraced and finally removed our lips. I looked into his eyes, not a single word had to be said.

He lowered his face to my neck and started to suck on my skin. He moved his legs closer to mine and I finally felt what I had desired for my entire teenage life. I placed my hands on his bottom to push his crotch into mine. The feeling of our dicks caressing each other was ecstatical.
He moved his hands to my hips and started to move them under my coat and shirt, dragging them up my body. I expected the frigid night air to invade my body, but I felt nothing but warmth from his hands. He moved away from me and undid the few buttons on my coat. I looked into his eyes and he grinned back. He slid the coat from my arms and that was the the cold air hit my body. He moved back closer to me to warm me up, and it worked. He kissed me again as he put his hands back on my hips and moved them back up along my sides. My entire body tingled at the sensation as he placed his fingers on my nipple. He tweaked it, lifted the shirt, and lowered his head to suck on it. He moved his tongue around my nipple and goosebumps formed. I trembled and he felt it. He lifted the rest of my shirt over my head and dropped it to the ground.

He rubbed his hands up and down my stomach. His hand vibrated over my slightly defined muscles as they reached my pecs. He rubbed both hands over each one, carassing them as he kissed my neck. He moved his hands to my shoulders and lifted my arms. He slowly moved them up against my arms, touching every part of my body. They reached my hands and we interlocked fingers. We lowered our arms and I started to kiss his neck while he nibbles on my shoulder.

He removed his fingers from mine and look at me in the eyes. He then slowly moved his fingers and body downwards, our eyes locked the entire time. He got on to his knees as his fingers caressed my happytrail from my navel down inside my pants. He lowered his fingers to my hardened crotch. His eyes finally lowered from mine and he moved his fingers to the band of my pants and underware at my hips and lowered them both. The head of my dick showed at he moved closer and licked the tip. The feeling that I felt was nothing I had ever experienced before. My entire body trembled as he lowered my pants more and took the head into his mouth and started to lower his face into my crotch. He lowered himself as far as he could and enclosed his lips to my dick and slowly rose again, rubbing his tongue against the base of my dick. I grabbed for his head and pushed him back down on my dick. He took his hands from my pants and grabbed the base of my dick and started to move his hand up against his mouth as he rose again.

My whole body shook, I would had camed right there and then had he not removed his mouth from my dick. He stood and locked eyes with me again. He grabbed the base of his shirt and lifted it over his head. I stared down at his well defined body, years of work at the had really paid off for him (and me). He stepped closer, placed his hands on my shoulders and pushed me down. I fell to my knees into the mud and he pushed me towards his body. I lifted my hands to his belt and slowly undid it. When it was open, he grabbed and pulled it out from his jeans and dropped it to the ground. He opened up the top button and removed his hands to allow me to continue. I slowly did the zipper down. I could see his white boxers through the opening, the shaft of his dick showing. I put my hands up at his hips and slowly lowered both his heans and boxers and his dick proudly popped out at attention. I was in awe, my prize, my gift was only centimeters away from my face. I let go of his jeans and slowly grasped the bottom of his dick. It vibrated on my palm and I slowly rose my hand to the head. I rubbed my thumb over the precum lubricated crown and lowered my head down on it.

I licked the head softly with my tongue, sampling him. Not wanting to rush it. I lifted his dick with my hand and licked from the base to the top taking in the wonderous smell of his manhood. It was time. I placed my lips around the head and lowered myself down onto his shaft. I could feel his hips shuddering, wanting me to take more. I continued until I could feel the head at the back of my tongue, hot precum oozing out down into my throat. I nearly choked on it, but slowly moved it out again, doing as he did and take up all the tastes of the underside of his dick.

He removed his dick from my mouth and looked down at real forced anal against her will me. I looked back up into his eyes and the grin I saw so many times over the years greeted me. I rose to my feet and embraced him. I kissed his lips and his neck. He rubbed his hands over my back, pushing my dick into his. For a moment we played sword fights while we still embraced. He then grabbed my neck and moved my head so I was staring at him in the eyes. He nodded and looked down at his dick which was bouncing, as if it wanted to become harder but couldn't.

He lowered his hands to my hips and slowly started to rotate me, moving me away from the tree. I placed my hands on the tree trunk to support him as he grabbed my thighs and took them futher away. He put his hand in between my legs and carassed my balls, spreading my legs further. I looked behind me as I saw him get on his knees and place his hands on my hips. He moved his face towards my butt, I was unsure as to what was going to happen next.

He moved his hands to my buttcheeks and spread them softly. He ran a finger down my crack, reaching my virgin hole, sending shivers up my spine. He then placed the finger against it, forcing himself into me. It was the strangest feeling I have ever experienced, as if my body was resisting him. He removed his finger and moved his tongue closer and licked the area. I shuddered and thrusted my bottom into him. He took this sign and started penetrating my hole with his tongue. I felt ecstactic. After some time, he removed his tongue and placed his finger back at the spot, slowly repeating the same process. This time he got more in which sent more shivers throughout my body. He moved a second finger in and it started to hurt.

He removed both fingers and proceeded to lubricate the area once again with his tongue. He placed his fingers back and this time got them in further. After a few minutes he rose, kissing the bottom of my back as he did. He moved in closer and placed the head of his dick at my now sensitive hole. I could feel precum oozing out as he moved the head around the hole, lubricating it. He placed one hand on my back and another on his dick as he slowly pushed himself into me. The penetration started to hurt me, he pushed on my back, he whispered to me... "Relax, it will pass.." I pushed hard against the tree helping him get more inside of me. I did not care for the pain, I wanted the one I have lusted over for years deep inside me. He stopped after a distance and slowly started to remove himself. The opening of my behind was a little sore as he removed his dick. He placed it back at the hole and started to move it back in. Surprisingly this time he did not resist as much, but the pain was slightly still there. Each time he entered me, he got a little bit deeper until finally I could feel his pubic hair brush against my arse.

He took the hand off my back and placed it on my hip with the other. He slowly moved his dick out, but didn't take it all the way. He pumped himself back into me, out and then in again. Getting faster and faster. The pain was replaced by a feeling of . The man I craved for was deep within me. He started to go faster and faster. Suddenly, without warning, I could feel his dick suddenly enlarge itself within me and he started to moan and shudder. He started shooting his cum into my ass, pushing hard against me, lowering himself onto my back. He kept on pushing hard as I felt my entire cavity fill with his juice. He slowly started removing his dick from me and I felt his cum drip out from my hole, it oozed out of me.

My dick began to shudder, my balls tightened up and I shot load after load of my man juice over the tree trunk. I shuddered as Andrew laid on my back, with his arms around me as I emptied myself. He lifted himself from me and grabbed my hips and turned me around. He took me by the waist and kissed me harder than before. I parted myself from him and looked deep into his eyes.

"Why do you have to go to America?"

He thought for a moment and replied, "That's months away. How about we enjoy our Summer and then worry about that when the time arrives?"

I wrapped my arms around him as I planted another kiss on his lips.

This is the moment when I knew I loved him.