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When I was just 18, it was a very good year! Every time I free porn movies download hear that song it brings me back to when I was just 18, and it WAS a very good year. That was the year I met Sandra! Sandra was a tall, leggy, thick haired /brunette/">brunette with breasts sitting high and proud on a body that was made in Heaven! She was the hottest thing to move to our little country town since my uncle bought his 67 Corvette! And she was mine!

We had dated about 6 months prior too and 8 months after our High School /graduation/">graduation, both now 18. When we had our first sex, other than some heavy petting. We went to the drive in to see the Exorcist, mainly because I knew she didn't like horror movies and would be holding me close all night. My plan worked better than I had hoped. About the time Linda Blair's head started spinning around, mine did too, since Sandra was sucking my cock at that time for our first oral experience! It had begun with our usual petting and kissing but after the show got scarier and my hands got braver, I got lucky!

I had my hand on her thigh and was trying for third base.

”Do you really love me?”

”Hell yes, I love you Sandra, more than anything!” I told her and I meant it too.

The bulge in my pants showing, she put her hand on it gently squeezing. Her eyes lovingly looking into mine as we kissed.

”I love you too Danny!” she said softly.

I hugged her as her hand continued to massage my dick. She undid my zipper and pulled it out wrapping her warm hand around it as it was exposed to the world in the Drive In! Then she dropped her head in my lap and engulfed my cock with her /mouth/hot-mouth/">hot mouth. Engulfing its length entirely with out hesitating. Her mouth was full and mine was on my chest in shock. She moved her head and my hips moved in unison as she started making a moaning noise. 

I ran my fingers though her thick hair, it was so soft and full, and her mouth was so hot, I knew I wasn't going to last long. And I let her know it. She looked up at me telling.

”Do it! 

I was shocked again.

”You want me to /mouth/mouth-cum/cum-in-your-mouth/">cum in your mouth?” 

She just nodded her head and returned to molesting my dick with her tongue bath. Her fingers /tickling/">tickling my balls, when I began to feel my balls tightening and my ass pumping against the car seat. My body trembled uncontrollably as my orgasm started, every nerve ending in my body exploding with a blast of colors showering in my eyes as I came.

My load blasting her tonsils while her mouth continued her loving assault on my dick. As I finished spurting her tongue started caressing my balls as they still jerked from my orgasm. Her hand running the entirety of my slowly, softening dick.

She raised her head up looking at me as if I may not want see her anymore. I pulled her face to me kissing her cum soaked mouth deeply.

”Do you think I am a /whore/">whore now?”

I had to smile.

”No, I only love you more for doing it!”

I opened her long legs and moved my hand to her panties, rubbing the slit of her crotch feeling her moisture on my palm. Her breath began to come faster as I pushed her panties to one side and felt her wet slit. I ran my finger along the top and felt a nub pushing on it lightly her hips shook slightly. Then inserting my fingertip in her slit, so slick, so soft and warm. Her hips shuddering as my finger entered her, slowly moving against it. I pushed deeper until I came up against her hymen.

”Please be good to me!”

As she lay on her back removing her panties, drew her knees up and spread her thighs, opening her legs showing me my new world! full hd xvideo download Her pussy was such a beautiful sight, Dark brown curly hair, surrounding her glistening pussy lips. They got thicker, from the blood filling them in her excitement. 

I moved my head between her thighs and kissed it. She tastes so good, I thought to myself. As I moved my tongue along its length, top to bottom I licked. Stopping at the nub I had felt earlier, Her whole body shaking as I circled it with my tongue. She grabbed my hair pulling me to her pussy.

”I love you so much Danny.”

Beads of perspiration rose on her forehead as she was squirming and thrashing as I licked the soft folds of her /sweet/">sweet vagina, as I began teasing the pulsating head of her clit her orgasm hit her. Her pussy flooding my face as she cried out so loudly that the people in the car closest to us looked over with huge grins on their faces, knowing exactly what was happening. 

I moved so that our hips were together, with her hand on my dick she wiggled it until I was inside her. I moved my hips towards hers and felt her hymen against my dick. I looked into her eyes as she told me 

”Now, I want you to take me, Now!” 

I thrust myself against her, a soft cry came from her lips as she pushed against me, breaking her hymen. Our love was unlimited at that moment, our lust for each other mounting as we moved our hips smashing against one another's. Each of us wanting this pleasure to last forever. 

She was so beautiful, her face shining with sweat, breasts heaving, and her legs around my waist. Nothing could have been sexier to me than the look in her eyes as she began to orgasm once again. My own orgasm fast approaching, building in my swinging balls. I pulled out as I started spurting my load, shooting it on her thick bush, exciting me even more by the sight of my white cum on her dark bush, splattering up to her naval. I collapsed from sheer exhaustion and happiness. We both went to the movie Virgins and left Lovers!

We dressed and left the drive in, her on my side, her hand on my lap.