Happy neighbor

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Happy neighbor

When Leah came home from work she casually looked across the street. Brenda was so busy with the new baby, she wondered when she ever got time for herself. Shawn was always gone. When did they ever get time together? Brenda was a beautiful 36 year old house wife. She was about 510, and still a size 8 after 2 kids. And not white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie to mention, those 34DDD tits she was sporting. Leah had bought this house about 3 years ago and never even saw so much as a kiss between the two of them. Leah gathered that Shawn got his love elsewhere by the way he flirted with her all of the time. 

She and Brenda had become pretty good friends recently so she walked over for her daily visit. Brenda said "hi, good timing, Amy is at my moms and Andra just went down for the night, lets have a glass of wine!". Leah jumped at the offer and followed Brenda into the living room. She sat down on the couch and waited for Brenda to return with the wine. She heard a slight buzzing sound and went to inspect it over by the recliner. When she sat down she felt wonderful vibrations. It was one of those massage chairs, it was vibrating beautifully on her lower back and ass cheeks. They were sore from standing all day at the store where she worked. Brenda returned and saw Leah mesmerized by the vibrations "Isnt it fantastic?" she said startling Leah a bit. "oh god yes" said Leah. "my back is so sore from working those 10 hour shifts, This is a real treat". 

She handed Leah the Glass of wine and knelt next to her on the floor. "Here, feel this" she said as she switched the speed a little higher. "Wow, my god, I can feel it in my stomach!" said Leah as she sipped her wine and enjoyed every second. "I wondered why you took forever to answer you door, now I can see you were busy". When Brenda retreated to the kitchen for the third glass of wine Leah was releived, she had felt her pussy start to tingle about a half hour before. Since she had just gotten off work, she was in a black knee length skirt and heels. Leah was a voluptuous woman of 28 years. She had smooth muscular calves, full tear drop shaped breasts, and a round shapely ass that jiggled just enough when she walked. Leah closed her eyes, put her hand between her thighs, and applied a little pressure. Just then, Brenda returned. She handed Leah the glass and said "just relax and close your eyes". "I give the best foot rubs this side of the county". She slipped off Leahs black heels "youll have to remove those stockings". "oh, sure" Leah rolled down her thigh high stockings, sat back and closed her eyes. Brenda started rubbing the heels and balls of her /feet/">feet. "You like that?", "oh yes" Leah moaned. 

After she had done both feet she started moving up to her calves. "oh god Brenda, you are the best". She hiked Leahs skirt up to the very tops of her thighs and started massaging her inner and outer thighs. By this time Leahs pussy was soaking wet and with Brendas every movement she desperately wanted to spread her legs and grind right into brendas hand. Brenda stopped and Leah opened her eyes. "okay, my turn" as she scooted Leah off the chair and layed back. Leah returned the favor and as she did she rocked back and forth on the heel of her own foot. While she was rubbing she noticed she could see up the inside thigh of Brendas shorts. Her shaved plump lip squeezing against the seam. "oooooh yesss...mmmmm" Brenda moaned. She shifted a little and Leah could see her bright red engorged clit peeking out from the wet interior. 

By this time Leah had almost rocked herself to orgasm. "I think your liking this more than me" Leah heard as she jerked alert and saw Brenda smiling. "like the view from down there?". "what, oh I, um.." stuttered Leah. "Dont be shy" and Brenda started unbuttoning her white cotton shorts. She slid them down over her long thin legs, spread her knees over the arm rests and started gently slipping her her fingers around her /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy. "please touch me Leah". Leah immediately started squeezing Brendas huge bouncy tits, and felt her giant /nipples/hard-nipples/">hard nipples twitching under her shirt. "Mmmmm, let me see your pussy Leah" she said as she poked one of her fingers into her own /wet/hot-wet/">hot wet hole. 

Leah quickly removed her black /thong/">thong panties and stood next to the chair. She swung her leg over the top so her aching bulging cunt was directly in front of Brendas face. "Brenda, Im so hot for you, please suck on my clit" and right away Brenda went to town. She lightly tugged on Leahs dark pussy hair while her tongue darted in and out of her /hole/wet-hole/">wet hole. Leahs skirt had fallen down around Brenda and seeing the movement underneath was a huge turn on. She was groaning in anticipation and begging Brenda to lick her clit. Her tongue swirled around and stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv she sucked everywhere else but there. 

Leah had popped her /nipples/huge-nipples/">huge nipples out of her shirt and began pulling on them vigorously. She lay down on the floor "let me suck that /pussy/hot-pussy/hot-fucking-pussy/">hot fucking pussy". Brenda straddled Leah in a 69 position and they both began sucking and moaning. Leah furiously fucked Brenda with her fingers while Brenda grabbed a hair brush from the coffee table and slipped the handle deeply into Leahs /cunt/wet-cunt/">wet cunt. "Oh god, lick my fucking clit, mmmm, please stop teasing me, oh god let me cum you cunt" and finally Brenda started flicking it back and forth, her tongue making wet slapping noises. Leah sucked relentlessly at Brendas rock hard gigantic clit. It was so huge she could suck it like a mini-cock. 

She spread Brendas swollen lips as tight as they would go and slid one /fingering/ass-fingering/finger-in-her-ass/">finger in her ass, one in her hole. Leah started screaming "Oh fuck yes, suck it Im gonna cum, suck it, suck it" Just then Brenda slid the brush into Leahs ass, sucking her clit hard "holy fuck...suck it, yes suck it, oooooh goooooodd" and Leah exploded with a huge oozing orgasm. Brenda sat up straight on Leahs face jamming leahs nose into her ass and grinded her giant clit into her mouth. "Oooooo fuck...yes, yes, yes, Im cumming" and Brenda released all of her juices into Leahs mouth and nose. 

Leah was leaving around the time Shawn got home. "Ill be late tomarrow again Bren" he said. "Thats okay, Leah keeps me company".