Understanding Mom II

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Understanding Mom II

The Amerasian agency that rounded me and hundreds of other asian children of unknown soldiers came to my Thai refugee camp and announced that they have
found me a family in San Francisco California. I was 8 years old then, I'm half black and half Vietnamese, which in my case didn't produce good result. I felt /ugly/">ugly and unwanted and became shy and introvert.

I met my new family and their two girls about four and two years old. But what stunned me is my adopting bokep sma pecah perawan mom, she was very beautiful and /gorgeous/">gorgeous, a blonde about 5'8" tall, slim built and looking very young, she was 27 at that time as I would learn later. My adopting Dad was a former military man and looks tough and disciplined, I wasn't comfortable with him.
I got a new name, Dwain, learned english and started to catch up with my family very fast as "mom" or sometimes I call her Joyce worked hard to teach me.
But I still have the feeling of non belongingness specially when Joyce and the girls go to some girly stores. Dad sometimes bring me along with him on some
hunting trips but it wasn't that much fun at all.

One time when I was 12 Joyce and me were doing laundry when I started noticing Joyce' body. "Take off your shirt Dwain" she said as she was taking off her clothes. "We won't be washing next week end, I and the girls are going to Granma in LA this coming week." she added. She loaded our clothes to the
machine and she was only wearing her bra and panties while I'm on my shorts and we were alone in the laundry room, the situation ignited some sexual
feeling in me for the /first-time/">first time. Though I have appreciated Joyce beauty ever since, it wasn't in a sexual way till that day. Her skin was very smooth and
her boobs were very firm, not too large, just enough to almost jump out of her bra. One time she bent over and her pink nipple slipped out and for a few
seconds I was mesmerized.

That night I started touching my dick with the thought  of Joyce' naked body. There was some feeling of guilt since she and her family rescued me from the muddy refugee camp and now here I am fantasizing about touching her breast and pussy. I tried to overcome my guilt by the thought that I'm not doing anything
physical to her, I touch her only in my mind. I took every opportunity to look at Joyce' body. When she bend down I would peep at her tits. I
didn't know how to touch myself in a pleasurable way so I still couldn't jerk off and I always sleep with hardened cock. It seems eassy to say by my friends who has done it but I guess I needed to see a demonstration to learn.

I was growing up and so did my sisters and the more Joyce pay attention to them over me. I started to get into some trouble at school and they noticed
there's something different with me. Then I got caught with some liquor and cigaretes handed by a classmate's older brother. Dad and Joyce scolded me and in the course of the drama I voiced out my resentments, "you don't love me mom since I'm only adopted, not for real" I cried. "No Dwain we love you as our own" mom replied. Dad wasn't touched at all but Joyce was  crying. The morning after Mom came into my room, kissed me "Good morning Dwain, I've been thinking, I haven't spent time alone with you ever since" "Next week end we will go to the beach in Monterey, just the two of us spending the entire week end there". "Really mom?" I excitedly replied. "Your my /son/">son and we have to develop a close bond, you should feel free to tell me all your troubles, and I should know you more" she  added. "I have taken the girls to several trips, so it's your turn now, I love you all the same way so you don't have to get
jealous". "Sounds like a great plan" I answered. 

The day came and we drove to the beach and went swimming. She looks so gorgeous in her two piece bikini. The water was cold so we didn't take long, we
wondered around the site and took some coster rides and we were laughing like kids having so much fun.

Then evening came and we went back to the car and started looking for a place to stay. The bigger hotels are expensive and the regular ones are full so we
checked in at a small motel. We got a room that has a full size bed. We went inside and I immidiately had a hard on, Joyce in her two piece bikini alone with me
in a motel room and I'm naked except for my swimming trunks. "OK Dwain let's take a shower, I'm your mom and I haven't really washed you ever since" Sounds good I replied trying to hide my excitement. She turned the shower on and we both got wet and she started washing my face and body with soap. The strap of her bikini tops slid down her shoulder as we moved, "let me just take this off, you're just a kid anyway" she said as she throw it to the sink. Her tits was firm and her nipple was great pinkish and very sharp, I was speechless. "Dwain I'm sorry if I hadn't taken care of you like how I cared for your sisters. Let me make it up to you now" she said as she continued rubing her soapy hands in my chest going down.

She pulled down my swimming trunk and soaped my dick. "Does it tickle?" she asked noticing my /erection/">erection. "Oh Dwain you're just 12" she said as she noticed that I was embarrased. "Hey, you got old waman xxxgx some fine pubic hair, you're really growing up" she said as she knelt on one knee holding my dick and closely examining it. The sight of Joyce nakedness and her soapy hands on my dick was too much for me. Suddenly my dick shoot its load right into Joyce' tits. "Ops" she smiled then she stood up. "I can't believe you jerk off on me Dwain. But it's not your fault". My juice was all over her tits. "Can I touch my juice before you rinse it?" I managed to ask. She couldn't make up her mind so I put my hands on her nipple before she could say anything. I massage her tits with my two hands pretending that I'm feeling for my juice. "That's enough Dwain" she finally said. We finished our shower and we went to bed. "Dwain think of me as your mom and let's forget what happened in the bathroom it was unintentional". "I'm sorry if I might have corrupted you but I think you'll be fine. We have to keep this a secret OK?" "Don't worry mom I won't tell anyone and I'm fine" I replied. We sleep in the same bed that night without further incident. Our parent child relationship had even stregnthen openly discussing about sexuality wthout embarrasment. I did jerked off with Joyce on my mind a couple more times but I got over it after a while. I grew up OK and got a fine girlfriend.