Teaching my student

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Teaching my student

When I was in eighth grade,she taught us mathematics, she had always been attractive for all the boys, we always watched her ass and her breasts with hungry eyes, one we were staying late at school she made us stop at school.

When we got lonely in school she made us sit in our class and came herself, she was looking sexier than usual that day, her dress was really clinging to her body, and her breasts forced out peeping through her dress.

After she made us close the door, and all of us sat on our seats, she came to the desk, isn t it hot today she asked as she undid buttons on her shirt, all of us could not say a word, all we did was to stare at her body, she wasnt wearing a bra, as she undid all her buttons she took her breasts out showing us her nipples.
There were four boys there thad day,& our /teacher/sexy-teacher/">sexy teacher, every boys penis was erected as she fed the tension.

I could not wait gathering courage I got up and went up to her she was more welcoming than I had expected, not only did she show me her breasts she invited me to feel them, I did it slowly touching her soft flesh, with one hand I carressed her breast with the other I rubbed my cock.

When she noticed my /erection/">erection she knelt down on the floor and unzipped my pants taking my cock in her hand she rubbed its skin up and down making it dead straight, by this time my friends got to her,one got to her back and pulled her pyjamas, she did not protest, instead she helped us, as I took her shirt off she asked all of us to taked our clothes off, we did she looked at our bodies with a shine in her eyes.

Before fucking her we made her suck our cock, she enjoyed this sucking every porn videos download ones cock with the same intensity.

I made her lay down on the floor and got up on her, she helped me insert my rock /hard/hard-penis/">hard penis inside her, she moaned loudly as I entered her.

My friend pushed us and then I was laying on floor and she was sitting on my body bumping up and down, my friend pushed her down and forced his penis inside her ass, she was going wild as she moaned loudly with the pain and joy.

Another friend of mine stood over my head with his penis leveled with her mouth she made her suck his dick she got a penis in her hands and started masturbating one of my friends, I finished first with my juices filling xxx her, as I got off her she sat down in doggy style with my friend still banging her ass, she cried with the pain.
Some one again made her suck his cock this time taking it to the limit his juice flowed from her lips and she loved the taste.

As my friend finished /ass/ass-fucking/fucking-her-ass/">fucking her ass, all of us gathered around her to give one final kiss, I took her breats pulling them as I gave her a kiss on her lips, some one sucked her breasts teasing her nipples, one of my friends fingered her cunt.

Then we got dressed and before leaving asked her to take more extra classes, she smiled and agreed. Saying she enjoyed teaching us as much as we did.