New Golf Partner

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New Golf Partner

My adventure into lesbianism all started when one of the ladies in my golf group moved away and left the group in need of another women to round out our eightsome. I'm twenty six, my husband has an excellent paying job, so I don't work and belong to a private golf club and am the youngest member of our group by quite a few years. A new couple had just joined the club and the club pro said she was looking for somebody to play golf with, so we approached her. She was a very hot lady, wwwxxx in early thirties I first thought, but then found out she was thirty nine and I hoped I looked as good as her when I reached that age. Now I'm not hard on the eyes, long red hair, thirty four C tits with /nipples/big-nipples/">big nipples and aerola, five foot six and one hundred and twenty nine pounds and my husband thinks I am the most beautiful woman on earth. We found out her name was Mary-Ellen, or Mare for short and she was overjoyed at being asked to join us, so she became our new eight lady. We played a few times a week, changing partners every time by way of drawing cards and the forth time Mare played with us, I got her as my partner and we hit it off right away, never shutting up the whole eighteen holes.

Now we, the ladies in the group I mean, very seldom take showers at the course, because for a woman it is so much easier and more pleasurable to wait until we get into our natural habitat, our own bathroom, but on this day I was going to meet my husband in town for dinner so I took a shower. Now for some strange reason the shower stalls were all made to accommodate two people, in the wwwxxx both the mens and womens locker rooms and when I announced I had to take a shower, Mare said she could use one two. I got into a stall while all the other ladies went to the dining room and when Mare got into the shower with me, saying, ’It's always more fun to shower with somebody else so you can get your back washed,’ I just smiled and agreed, not wanting to make a big deal out of it. Mare was good to her word, she washed my back for me and her hands were so hot and felt so good, I kind of wished she would wash my whole body for me. The whole time she had her hands on me my pussy had that familiar tingling feeling I love so much and I know convention dictates that I should have been embarrassed, but to tell the truth, I loved having her wash my back and making me feel that way.

I washed her back then, marveling at how nice her body was and inadvertently washed the top of her pretty ass to, prompting Mare to tell me I could wash the whole thing if I wanted, but now I was a bit embarrassed, so I stopped. She turned around, took my tits in her hands, telling me that I had really beautiful tits and turning me into jelly, my pussy went from tingling to flood stage in a split second and when she began rolling my nipples in her fingers, I almost came but she stopped, put her tongue in my mouth and said, ’Another time sweetheart, somebody just might walk in’ and walked out of the shower. My pussy was on fire and all I could mange to do in barely a whisper was beg her to come back, but she couldn't hear me as she proceeded to get dressed and leave. I put my hand between my leg and while thinking about what just happened, got myself off and I was a bit amazed at how hot she had made me. Nothing was said between us and it was another week and a half before we were in the same foursome again, but not partners this time. While on the course, she hit a ball in the woods and asked me to help her find it and while looking for the ball, she took me by the shoulders, pulled me into her body and told me to take a shower when we finished and then kissed me briefly but it made my pussy flood, she kissed like any other kiss I ever experienced before, it was the most sensuous kiss of my life.

I couldn't wait to finish the round and get back to the clubhouse, where upon entering the ladies locker room, I announced that I had to take a shower and as usual whenever one of us is going to shower, the rest go to the dining room, but Mare said she had an appointment and had to shower too. I got in the shower first, she came up behind me, pushed against me and I could feel her pussy hair rubbing against my ass as she reached around me and took my tits in both her hands. Between feeling her bush rubbing against my ass and her hands on my tits, my nipples got rock hard and my pussy went to flood stage, but when she kissed my neck, my knees buckled and Mare had to hold me up. She mummered in my ear, ’My baby has a really /pussy/hot-pussy/">hot pussy for me doesn't she, I knew my baby was a hot little cunt and I'm going to take such good care of my babies hot pussy.’ With that she reached between my legs and was stroking my pussy as she told me how wet I made her pussy the first time she saw me and how beautiful I am. She told me to turn my head so she could kiss me and when our lips meet, she shoved two fingers into my pussy, I was moaning loud and my knees buckled again as I came like a fire hydrant being turned on.

She was actually holding me up by my pussy as she told me that she was going to fuck me like I had never been fucked before, making me moan and push my pussy into her hand, I would have done anything for her at at that point. I, like a lot of other women had thought about being with another women on quite a few occasions, but this actually being with a beautiful woman like Mare, was unbelievably hot. She turned me around, wrapped her arms around me and kissed me like I had never been kissed before, it was absolutely incredible and all I could do was moan, ’Fuck me, please fuck me.’ Mare slapped my ass saying, ’Get dressed baby, I'm going to take you to a really nice place and fuck your brains out, I'm going to make that hot little cunt so happy’ and then she told me to say to the ladies, we were both late late and had to go. As we walked out to our cars, Mare told me to follow her and I followed her to this theme motel out on the highway. We parked, she motioned for me to stay in the car as she walked over to me and when she got to my car, she opened the door, leaned in, kissed me while putting her hand on my raging hot pussy and told me to stay in the car while she got a room. She came back waving a key and motioned for me to follow her and we drove around to the back, which was nice as nobody could see our cars from the road.

The room was very sexy and exciting, it was done in shades of pink with a heart shaped bed and bath tub and mirrored ceilings, making my pussy leak like a faucet down my legs. Mare took me in her arms, kissed me, trying to lick my tonsils it seemed and told me to undress for her, so I decided to give her a show. All I had on was my shorts and top as Mare had told me not to wear my underwear and in my mind Mare was the Alpha Female and was to be obeyed, always. I peeled my top off very slowly and when I was topless, I pushed my tits at her with my hands, while doing a slow grind making her feel me up and taking my nipple in her mouth which excited me beyond belief. She pushed me back, telling me the shorts now, so I undid my shorts ever so slowly, peeled them off me and when they were on the floor, I spread my legs. I gyrated like a hula dancer, pushing my pussy out at her and when she told me to turn around, spread my legs and bend over, I couldn't respond fast enough. I bent over, spreading my legs as far as I could while grabbing hold of my ankles, in a totally submissive position I had never been in before. My /pussy/ass-pussy/pussy-and-ass/">pussy and ass where on total display for this lady and I was sublimely happy showing off my wares to Mare, it made me so fucking hot to be on display like that for her. Mare told me how beautiful my pussy and ass were, then walked over and picked me right up off the floor in the position I was in.

She deposited me on the bed, spread my legs apart and still fully dressed, she buried her face in my pussy and I was so hot, I swear smoke was coming off my cunt. I was on the verge of cumming just doing my show for Mare and when her tongue found it's way into my cunt hole, I screamed and my pussy exploded, actually shooting out cum for the first time in my life. Mare had her mouth clamped to my hot cunt so that she took all my /mouth/mouth-cum/cum-in-her-mouth/">cum in her mouth, which seemed to drive her on like a mad woman as she ate my pussy like a woman possessed. She had my legs spread by my ankles, holding me like that so I couldn't move much and gave me the best cunt lapping of my life, I just kept cumming and cumming, while she was taking ownership of me at the same time. When she came up for air, I was almost in a catatonic state as I had never came that much before at one time and had never quite felt like I did before. She had me so hot she could have fucked me in the middle of the mall and I wouldn't have cared, as long as she took care on my needy cunt. She crawled up next to me and with her face covered in my cum, kissed me with another incredibly sensuous kiss, then she made me lick my cum off her face while stroking my pussy and she made so hot I came again. We lay there for a few minutes, then Mare got up, telling me to undress her as she stood there like the Queen waiting for her slave to do her bidding, so I got out of bed and walked to Mare, very eager to do her bidding.

She hadn't put her underthings back on either when we got dressed at the club, so when I took her top off, her magnificent tits were staring me in the face and being this close to naked tits the first time in my life, my pussy was back into the flood zone again. She made me hold her tits, stroke them and pull on her nipples and then she pushed my head into her tits, telling me to make love to them, so I took her nipple in my mouth and started to suckle on her sweet tits. It only took a few seconds before Mare was moaning and telling me what a talented cunt I was and I was the best tit sucker in the world, bringing my pussy almost to the boiling point. After sucking on her /tits/hot-tits/">hot tits for a few minutes, Mare told me it was time to take her shorts off and she told me to get on my knees to take them off, which I promptly did. I undid her shorts and as I was pulling them down, I got my first whiff of a pussy in heat beside my own and I found it intoxicating and while pulling her shorts off the rest of the way, I buried my face in her cunt hair. Her shorts were soaking wet and so was her cunt hair and I was in fuck heaven as I buried my face in her /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy hair, making my pussy even hotter. After I took her shorts off, Mare made me rub her shorts on my face and then lick them, just to show me who I belonged to now, but rubbing her cum soaked shorts on my face had an outcome neither one of us expected, I came. Mare grabbed my head then, telling me it was time for me to make her pussy happy, pushed my face into her /pussy/hot-pussy/wet-hot-pussy/">wet hot pussy, while telling me to eat her cunt. For the first time in my life I was on my knees having sex, with another woman no less, a woman wanting me to eat her pussy.

I was overwhelmed by the scent of her sex and was actually eager to taste her hot, wet, delightfully aromatic pussy so I rubbed my nose into her /cunt/wet-cunt/">wet cunt and then licked her from her clit down to pussy hole, savoring the taste of her wonderful sex. My mind and body were both on fire as I slipped my tongue into her hot waiting cunt hole as far as it would go, making Mare moan very loud and her cunt just exploding cum like a geyser. She came so much I thought she was peeing, I couldn't swallow fast enough to contain all of her cunt juice and wound up getting a cum bath from Mare, it was delightful, my face was covered in her hot cum and it was running down over my tits. Mare collapsed onto the floor with my mouth glued to her delicious pussy and I was now the woman possessed as I couldn't get enough of her sweet tasting sex organ, it was just too wonderful for words. She kept talking to me as her I ate her extremely tasty pussy, which only made me even hotter and more determined to eat her pussy like it had never been eaten before. Mare came for me about seven or eight times and every time she came, she yelled, ’Oh God, you fucking whore whore, eat me’ and I did, swallowing so much of her sweet cum, I think I was peeing it later. When she couldn't take anymore pleasure from my mouth and tongue, she made me stop, pulled me up to her and told me I was the best cuntlapper she ever had, kissing me like a lover would. After we rested a bit, Mare told me to get on the bed with my legs spread for her and she was going to give me a surprise.

I hopped onto the bed, spread my legs as I was told, waiting for Mare and her surprise, my pussy getting really wet in the meantime. Mare climbed onto the bed, got between my legs, kissed me and drove something into my pussy that was bigger then my husbands cock and told me she was going to give me /best/best-fucking/the-best-fuck/">the best fuck of my life. I asked her what she had in my pussy and when she told me it was her cock,aka a strap-on, I was really surprised, but it filled my pussy like it had never been filled before and I just relaxed and let Mare have her way with me. Mare told me to wrap my legs around her, a new thing for me and she kissed me while grinding her ’Cock’ into my needy pussy. I don't know why I had never tried to wrap my legs around my husband but I loved the feeling of doing it with Mare, I could feel her hot body against my legs while she slow fucked me. She started telling me what a hot piece of ass I was, what an awesome cuntlapper, how good my pussy tasted and that I was going to be her private hot little cunt from now on. She had me so fucking hot after all that talk and fucking, I had my very first /orgasm/squirting-orgasm/">squirting orgasm, causing Mare to tell me what a hot little pussy I was and that I was going to love being her fuck bunny. She kissed me very passionately, whispered in my ear that it was now time to be really fucked by her /cock/big-cock/">big cock, grabbed my legs and pinned then back to my shoulders.

Now my husband does that to me but when he does, he usually doesn't last long that way, but when Mare fucked me in that position, it was a whole new experience. She started driving her ’Cock’ into me hard and fast while telling me to show her what a good whore I am and fuck her back. I couldn't hardly move and her calling me a whore made my brain explode and I had another squirting orgasm, but Mare just kept pounding away and calling me sex names. I had never been fucked like that in my life and I was in another world, so when Mare told me to tell her I was her cunt now and would do anything to make her happy, I screamed it out as I came again. She pounded me so hard and for so long that when she was finished with me, I was covered in my own cum and my ass and the back of my legs were a bright red, leaving me in a state of total exhilaration. After the last time I came, we lay there with my pussy stuffed with her cock, Mare kissing me and asking if I liked being her hot piece of ass, to which I responded with an emphatic yes. She then got off me, stood up and made me get on my knees and lick her ’Cock’ clean, which I did like a good little cunt should and discovered I liked doing it. After I was recovered, Mare put me on my hands and knees on the floor and fucked me like I was a female dog, making me beg her to fuck me some more and when she was finished making me cum a few more times, she made me lick the cum puddle up I deposited on the floor, it was so fucking hot, I almost came again.

She fucked me one more time after that and that's when I found out she loved wearing the strap-on and fucking me, because it gave her a feeling of such power over me, but I really loved her fucking me with it also, she could last ten times longer then my husband and make me cum buckets. I ate her pussy one more time for her and when we got ready to leave she told me she would be at my house at ten in the morning and she wanted me naked, on the couch with my legs spread. When we got to our cars she made me go to her car with her and when she got in, she pulled her skirt up to show me her naked pussy, telling me to kiss her pussy goodbye. I got down between her legs and the delightful odor emanating form her hot cunt made me wild, so I ate her pussy right in the parking lot and made her cum twice in my mouth for me. I was now really hooked on her hot cunt and her big 'Cock’ and was so looking forward to the next morning, I played with my pussy all the way home. I was still so horny by the time my husband got home, I made him fuck me in the kitchen, but it wasn't as good as the fucking I got from Mare, she could out fuck a man any day. The next morning started my sexual servitude to Mare for real and she literally and figuratively owned me from that day on but that's another story, for another time.