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From Sharknado to teleportation by Jesus


As serious as Hurricane Florence is, some media pundits cannot resist their worst angels.

Radio host Rush Limbaugh is falsely claiming Hurricane Florence is full of sharks. In urban legend, the scenario is known as a storm being a Sharknado, the topic of six films so far. Limbaugh helped advance the myth last week when he declared on his show that Florence has sucked up sharks from the ocean and is now full of said sharks.

Filipa Ioannou, SFGATE reported –

"New reports from NOAA aircraft show sharks have been lifted into the hurricane," Limbaugh said erroneously in an episode of "The Rush Limbaugh Show." "So those of you in the target path in North Carolina, South Carolina: In addition to the pig manure, in addition to the slop, in addition to the floods, in addition to the cars rolling around on the waters in front of your house, in addition to the mudslides and the landslides, now you might end up with a shark in your front yard."

"So sharks are being lifted out of the Atlantic Ocean and dumped into the storm because it's so strong it's sucking them in there," he said, adding that the sharks would be in the storm surge.

"It isn't going to be raining sharks," he clarified.

The NOAA has not actually issued any reports of sharks being lifted into the hurricane.

There’s more… yawn …

Why Hurricane Florence targeted North Carloina

Far right pastor Rick Joyner is no stranger to controversy. The preacher is best known for his wild claims, conspiracy theories, and downright nonsense.

And in most cases, he manages to perform all his hat tricks as offensively as possible. Recently he took to Facebook to declare the real reason why Hurricane Florence is currently devastating North Carolina.

The people who live there are sinful because abortion is legal in America.

No stranger to Whackland, Joyner has claimed that Jesus once teleported him (and his car) to a different city.

“That has happened to me one time. I really got physically translated with my car and was zapped right to a place,” he said. “It was physically impossible for that to have happened otherwise. I went somewhere that would have taken two hours by travel; I was there instantly. I didn’t even tell anybody about that for years because I thought no one would believe me.”

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God Makes People Gay to Punish Us

Ed Brayton reports for Patheos that most Christian right bigots argue that God is going to destroy us because we tolerate homosexuality, but “Coach” Dave Daubenmire says that’s true, but that homosexuality itself is God’s punishment. The line from the Princess Bride comes to mind: “Truly you have a dizzying intellect.”

Daubenmire said that “the devil has seized control of most of our churches” so that they now tolerate homosexuality, which has caused God to wash his hands of this nation and allow his judgment to fall on us.

“Those homos are without excuse,” Daubenmire bellowed, “[but] we give them an excuse. We say, ‘Yeah, well, maybe God did make them that way.’ See folks, that’s the judgment of God … God isn’t going to judge America because of homosexuality, homosexuality is the judgement of God on America.”