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As the US Supreme Court is poised to determine how queer issues will be treated under the law for what could be the remainder of my life, we have professional, Evangelical Christians and an Orthodox … more
My last column (Nov-Dec 2019) on hope and resilience for the 2020 drew lots of comments. And we’re grateful. We’re happy whenever anyone in our media saturated culture puts eyes on our … more
Late last month, the US Census Bureau announced that it planned to remove a proposed question about sexual orientation from their national survey, the Census Barriers, Attitudes and Motivators Study … more
While the region ramped up for the July 29 Pride Festival of PA, two days earlier President Donald Trump announced three actions thwarting recent advances made by the LGBT … more
“I swear COVID-19 is like money. It brings out the best and worst in people,” said a trusted colleague in the midst of another remote work day. Besides our own day-to-day challenges … more
Response to my Nov-Dec 2019 online and print Publisher’s Note tells me hope, resilience and goodwill remain popular in our "gotcha doing wrong, you can … more
These are tough times. LGBT people around the country face a climate of uncertainty, discrimination, and fear that imperils the progress towards equality for which we have … more
No surprise on this one. Amazon’s headquarters selection has spawned a national campaign called No Gay? No Way!   The aim of the campaign is to get Amazon … more
With Fall here and schools opening doors again, is it time for us to go back to activist school? Or advocate or ally school or whatever activity sharpens your social justice … more
Like the graphic proclaims: Need for Allah’s Law, Not Man Made Law. The claim calls for the installation of Sharia Law into a nation’s civil and judicial affairs. If taken, … more
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