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Hope and resilience still popular


Response to my Nov-Dec 2019 online and print Publisher’s Note tells me hope, resilience and goodwill remain popular in our "gotcha doing wrong, you can never be forgiven, shamed forever" culture.

Here's a sampling.

From Theo: Great piece. Congratulations and thanks for all you do.

From Clinton: Thanks Frank. Thought provoking read.

From Patricia: A perfect reflection for the end of the year. Thanks for everything—this year and always.  

From Ed: Frank, your editor's note includes positive perspectives, insights and approaches that can improve relationships within our diverse communities and broaden the effectiveness of our outreach to build our own groups and welcome others to become our allies. Sometimes a first meaningful step is to inspire oppositional parties to simply live and let us live.

The magnificent empathetic responses to thousands of coming out and it gets better videos and stories continue to reach and win the support of many hearts and minds.

Similarly, while the written words are powerful these perspectives you present could be a great basis for a brief video expressing and explaining how it can get better as lessons for the general public and inside our communities.


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