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Homophobes and transphobes

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Posted 4/30/18

Frankly, as I listen to the continuing bigoted rhetoric uttered by the homophobes and the transphobes out there, especially those that claim any patch of moral or religious high …

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Homophobes and transphobes

TransCentralPA Topics


By Joanne Carroll

Frankly, as I listen to the continuing bigoted rhetoric uttered by the homophobes and the transphobes out there, especially those that claim any patch of moral or religious high ground, I get more agitated off with every one of their words.

My current irascibility revolves around all of the efforts at the Federal level to strip away all the rights and freedoms earned by our LGBT community, the discriminatory legislation in conservative leaning states and now during the recent past Primary season the re-branding of the PA Fairness Act as a “bathroom bill”.

There is NOT ONE speck of evidence anywhere that would suggest that someone like me (a transgender woman) has ever gone into a public women’s restroom to voyeuristically enjoy the surroundings or to accost someone with sexual overtures.  Let me repeat NOT ONE!

What is fascinating to me is their allegations have to come from somewhere because they are not supported by any known fact.  This leads me to believe, that their own deviancy and sick minds conjure up the images that they tout as potential problems.

Opponents of fairness for the LGBT community in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania throw hyperbole around like confetti as they quote one discredited “expert” after another, take snippets from the Bible as if it were a menu from a Chinese restaurant using one from column “A” and another from column “B”, and then superimpose their own perversity over every word.

In my high school experience, I hated going to gym class, because I simply did not want those boys to see me naked.   Further, I would not have been comfortable in the girl’s locker room either, because my mind did not match my body.  I abhorred what I saw in the mirror, because it reminded me daily of my gender incongruity.  I would be willing to wager that my story would find resonance with the majority of my trans-sisters.

The fire breathing hate mongers on the far right have thus far lost all of their wedge issues.  They lost on segregation, sodomy laws, and marriage equality and now those of us in the transgender community are their current marginalized demographic to victimize. Perhaps they have convinced themselves that since our numbers are relatively smaller, that we are a better target. 

They neglected one important thing in their strategy; the LGBT community knows how to combat bigotry because we have beaten them before.  In addition, public opinion is in our favor and we know that “The Arc of Moral History is long and it bends Toward Justice”.

So where does this all end up?  Hard to say, but I can only guess that we are bound to hear these spurious comments for at least the near future.  That being the case, I will do my best to control my Irish temper, and when and where I have the opportunity, do my best to refute their sordid claims.

What astounds me are those comments from those LGBT brothers and sisters that insist that voting for a Republican makes sense because we need to reduce the polarity and put balance into the system.  Well I saw a bumper sticker the other day that said this, “Any woman or member of the LGBT community that votes for a Republican is like a chicken trying to be best friends with Colonel Sanders!”

Stand up for Equality and Justice - vote for those candidates that pledge their support for our rights to be able to live our best lives.  As for me that means…VOTE BLUE!

Joanne Carroll is the president of TransCentral PA. TransCentral PA is committed to providing advocacy and caring support for transgender individuals, their significant others, families, friends and allies.