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Shocking rant by county clerk

Settlement in vocal abuse


A gay couple who were subjected to homophobic abuse while applying for a marriage license have received a settlement, reports Pink News.

Amanda Abramovich and Samantha Brookover had planned to tie the knot in West Virginia in February 2016, but were subjected to a shocking rant by Gilmer County Deputy Clerk Debbie Allen while applying for a marriage license.

Allen called the women an “abomination” to God and said their marriage shouldn’t be legal.

The pair took legal action over the incident – and as part of a settlement today, Gilmer County agreed to apologize to Abramovich and Brookover and issue a public statement regarding the wrongdoing by the County Clerk’s office.

They also promised to take steps to ensure that county officials and employees do not discriminate against anyone in the future, regardless of religious beliefs about sexual orientation or gender identity.

The county also agreed to pay damages in recognition of the harms Abramovich and Brookover suffered.

Abramovich and Brookover said: “When we went to get our marriage license, this was the last thing we expected.

“We were presented with two options: accept this treatment and leave the possibility that other couples would have to endure this as well, or speak up for ourselves and hopefully stop it from continuing.

“Consenting adults should never be made to feel embarrassed or ashamed when marrying the person they love. It will be a comfort to know that this behavior will no longer be allowed in the Gilmer County Courthouse.”

The case was supported by Americans United for Separation of Church and State, Fairness West Virginia and the law firm Mayer Brown LLP.