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Scarce funding for queer advocacy groups


Written by Erin Howe and Somjen Frazer for ILGA Europe, a new report indicates that funding is scarce in Europe and central Asia for queer advocacy groups.

That assertion is contained in a report written by Erin Howe and Somjen Frazer for ILGA Europe "Priorities and Access to Resources." The paper outlines the state of affairs and challenges faced by civil rights organizations.

The Executive Summary notes the following:

•LGBTI movements in Europe are growing rapidly, yet a significant number of LGBTI organizations have no government or foundation funding

•The number of LGBTI organisations Europe is growing rapidly. Almost half of the organizations responding to this survey were founded since 2012 and nearly one third were founded since 2015. However, funding remains inaccessible for many LGBTI organizations.

•In 2017, one third of LGBTI organizations in Europe had no external funding, which includes government and foundation funding and excludes funding raised from their own communities. Organizations without external funding also do not receive subgrants from intermediaries, who in this case are other non-profit organizations.

•Lack of external fundingfor LGBTI organizations is a problem across Europe’s subregions; however, access to funding varies There are a critical mass of LGBTI organizations throughout Europe and Central Asia that lack external funding. However, access to external funding is not even across subregions.

•More than two in five organizations in Northern Europe and almost one in three organizations in Western Europe reported having no external funding. This was true despite the fact that often LGBTI organizations in these regions were founded earlier, which is typically associated with larger budgets and more external funding.

•About a quarter of organizations in Southern Europe, Eastern Europe and Central and West Asia reported having no external funding. The most common sources of external funding for LGBTI organizations were foundations, country governments and subgrants from an LGBTI organization. LGBTI organizations with budgets under €50,000 were twice as likely to receive funding from foundations than from their own country government.

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