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Poland's Supreme Court

Businessman can't refuse service


The Supreme Court in Poland has ruled against a businessman who refused to print posters for an LGBT business group, saying he did not want to “promote” gay rights.

The top court in the country said it was upholding the ruling of a lower court in the city of Lodz.

The court had argued the law did not allow the man to refuse to serve the LGBT Business Forum.

The case was brought to the Supreme Court by the justice minister and attorney general Zbigniew Ziobro, who described the ruling as “wrong”.

Ziobro maintained the high court's ruling was a “violation of the constitutional principle of freedom of conscience.”

Situation in Poland

LGBT people face hostility, stigma and discrimination in the predominantly Catholic, conservative society.

Poland lags behind most of western Europe on LGBT rights, banning same-sex marriage and adoption, and refusing to recognize transgender people.

The country made progress in recognizing LGBT people in 2011, when a trans woman, Anna Grodzka, and an openly gay man, Robert Biedron, made history by being sworn into the Polish Parliament.