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Righteousness in the name of law


Meghan Fischer, legal counsel with Alliance Defending Freedom International, a branch of the anti-LGBT group ADF, reports that in India several requirements would make it difficult for people to convert from one religion to another, in this case, from Hinduism to Christianity.

According to Fischer some laws require potential converts to notify local government officials, while others even mandate advance permission, which often is not granted. "This violates a fundamental principle of international human rights—that a person may believe whatever he or she chooses to believe, and that no one may force him or her to adopt or renounce a particular belief," Fischer reportedly said.

Fischer pointed out recent incidents included 32 Catholic seminarians arrested for singing Christmas carols and a Christian arrested for handing out pamphlets. "Extremists attack Christians as they worship in their churches and homes under the pretense of preventing fraudulent conversions," she noted. "Lawyers like Baskaran represent Christians who have been attacked, but it can take years for victims to receive reparations, if they receive any at all."