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May/June 2018


By Frank Pizzoli

Publishing is difficult. Social change is more difficult.

In this issue, you will read about “queering” racial justice. The story is based on a local panel discussion that began with the question: What does racism look like inside our own LGBT community? Same as it does outside the LGBT community was the consensus.

Yes, that’s correct. Being “gay” doesn’t automatically imbue anyone with love for anyone who’s not “gay like I am”. We all live and learn. Hopefully, the discussion recently begun by the local panel will continued by others.

Socialists. Right here in the region! Some of them Gay Socialists! Last issue we broached the subject (not for the first time). This issue we continue the dialogue by having an individual talk about her beliefs. As the national Republican Party crumbles and the national Democratic Party continues to fumble, voters are looking for alternatives.

Speaking of beliefs, we ask if Will Billy Graham’s anti-LGBTQ legacy live on? Locally-based nationally-known author Mike Long chimes in with his observations.

The legacy Barbara Poma will represent love for all who are different, unlike Graham. Owner of Pulse nightclub when the killings occurred, Poma talks with Central Voice about her current mission.

Harrisburg City’s Human Relations Commission is back on its mission. Recently reconstituted and at full complement, Chairman Russ Boggs, well-respected member of the region’s LGBT community, gives readers the inside scoop.

Lehigh County Commissioner Amy Zanelli opens up about her ambitions and then finding herself an elected official. The life of a public servant involves more than just the individual.

Finally, when Salman Rushdie told Central Voice the children may save us, he may have been referring to local gun-control advocate Eamonn Wrightstone. He spoke at the March 24 rally on the steps of the State Capitol.

We hope our coverage of issues and events represents real gay news. Some things are better straight.