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PUBLISHER'S NOTE - Back to activist school?

Sept. 1, 2017


By Frank Pizzoli

With Fall here and schools opening doors again, is it time for us to go back to activist school?

Or advocate or ally school or whatever activity sharpens your social justice pencil?

We’re fond of calling situations “teachable moments”. What about “learnable moments”. Our never static world may occasionally require us to regroup.

With a retooling in mind, (following our publication and web site redesign), this issue covers a number of phenomena in the world of “The Gay”.

Anatomy of a Demonstration, about a local protest rally and march, examines how emotions simmer when expressing First Amendment rights.

In What’s Happening in Chechnya? Louie Marven takes a second, closer look at the dismal situation there for gay people, where there are no Pride Parades come Summer.

Under the Law and Justice Party attacks against LGBT Polish citizens are on the rise. A. Chaber, executive director of the Campaign Against Homophobia, explains how LGBT activists are trying to adapt.

Will Attorney General Jeff Sessions keep the clock turned back on criminal justice reform? Intersectional: Sessions' new "war on drugs" covers the disproportionate impact harsh criminal penalties have on communities of color.

Religion, an important aspect of life for many LGBT individuals, gets some time center stage with a profile of Rev. Angela T. Jones-Ramirez. She begins her tenure as Senior Pastor of Vision of Hope Metropolitan Community Church (MCC) about seven miles east of Lancaster City.

In What Is the “Gay-friendly” Old Catholic Church? The Most Rev. Michael J. Scalzi, explains what the Parish of Saint Joseph has to offer Catholics and n on-Catholics alike. It’s not your parents’ Catholic Church.

Psychologist Melinda Eash, well-known, longtime ally, unpacks the controversy surrounding Conversion Therapy, unpacks Conversion Therapy in Is Conversion Therapy Harmful? The topic recently made local headlines for being both banned and, some claim, used in the hope of changing sexuality.

Are Queers & Muslims Making Amends? Looks at the chaffed relationship between Muslim and gay communities. A local conference I attended helped me to better understand that not all Muslims think we’re evil. “What goes on in your bedroom is between you and your god,” said one Muslim fellow. Now if we can only get the American Taliban to understand that notion.

Finally, in our annual Pride Round-up Section, full of photographs of the region’s three events plus photos from other Pennsylvania, New York, and international events, we are soberly reminded that our Brothers and Sisters in other parts of the world face violence and death. Police with tear gas and rubber bullets greeted many LGBT folks who wanted to be visible in the light of day. They need us. We need them to remain humble.