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Barbara Poma, owner of The Pulse Nightclub and onePULSE Foundation Founder, recently addressed The Manhattan Chamber of Commerce to tell her story and talk about her journey. Ramos engages the business community to promote acceptance and understanding for all members of the LGBTQ community.

Pulse Nightclub is embraced by the global LGBTQ community for the club’s culture of love and providing a venue where LGBTQ people and their friends and families could be themselves in a safe space. In the course of operating Pulse Nightclub and the aftermath of the horrific attack on the club that took 49 lives, Poma has become a respected and vocal human and civil rights advocate.

Poma discussed how one of the nation’s worst mass shootings in modern American history has shifted her focus on to preserving the memory of those who lost their lives in the tragedy as well as:

• How she as a business owner has supported and contributed to the LGBTQ community and how other business owners can do the same.

• How the LGBTQ community, their families and allies have moved forward since the massacre at Pulse Nightclub.

• How the onePULSE Foundation came about and what initiatives the foundation supports and plans for the future.