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Netflix destroys homophobe with just 3 simple words


QUERRTY’s Dan Tracer reports that Netflix hit it hard March 30 when – well read it below for yourself.
Christina Aguilera’s surprise appearance on the premiere of RuPaul‘s Drag Race season 10 may be old news by now, but this succinct clap-back from Netflix about Christina’s appearance is a timeless classic to be savored in perpetuity by generations to come.
Just to recap: In the episode, RuPaul announced that another queen, Farrah Moan, was joining the runway.
Out walked Farrah, and she looked good.
So good in fact that it was Christina. The gaggery was felt near and far.
But at least one troll didn’t get this memo (they rarely do).
Responding to a photo of Christina on Facebook, someone wrote: “F*cking World we live in today where men dress like that”.
You tell ’em!
Then the official Netflix account took a swing at this near-perfect setup.
Here’s what they said: