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McLeod-Skinner running for Congress


Jamie McLeod-Skinner announced a run for the Democratic Party nomination in Oregon’s expansive Congressional District 2. A lesbian, she is a former city manager, city planner, city councilor, wartime program manager in Kosovo, and Ashland High track alumna.

Says McLeod-Skinner: “Government needs to know when to help, and when to get out of the way. Our region needs an active champion for rural communities and progressive solutions.”

McLeod-Skinner claims she focus on jobs, economic growth, and healthcare. She is the latest in a growing field of challengers competing for the Democratic Party nomination to challenge longtime incumbent Congressman Greg Walden.

“While the incumbent is undermining our access to healthcare and failing to support local solutions, the race isn’t about him. It’s about honoring the sacrifices Oregonians make for their families and our country, she says.”

McLeod-Skinner maintains she is dedicated to discussing those concerns with as many voters as possible in person. From Grant’s Pass to Pendleton, McLeod-Skinner is traveling the district and urging people to visit her along the way.