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Suspended Your Belief in Success?

Making Sense of Life 5/24/2018

Posted 5/24/18

Do you get criticized by others for thinking and acting “outside the box?” I wouldn’t be surprised. I certainly do. And, like attracts like!

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Suspended Your Belief in Success?

Making Sense of Life 5/24/2018


By Dr. Terry Drew Kaaren

Not long ago I mentioned a “pegacorn” to a friend.

“Huh?” was the inevitable response. This exclamation, interestingly enough, came from someone who should, by now, be far from shocked, surprised, or dismayed when I talk about creatures or subjects not easily found on the first page above the fold of the Wall Street Journal.

“A pegcorn,” I responded. “It comes from the union of a pegasus and a unicorn. The offspring of a divine winged stallion, and the legendary equine with one, pointed, spiraling horn proceeding from its forehead, usually only ridden by a vestal virgin, which are nearly extinct … the virgins, I mean, not the unicorns.”

“You’re just making that up,” replied my little Doubting Thomas. “There’s no such thing as a ‘pegacorn.’ It’s a myth.”

At this point I answered with a respectful, “Yes, Dear.” But, I was absolutely gleeful as I was delighted that, for just a split second, my friend had suspended disbelief in two other creatures not often seen, while denying a third! (Frankly, I nearly fell off my unicorn, which is proof that gay men and well as vestal virgins may ride them.)

Kidding aside, this little exchange got me to thinking about how we often stumble when we are right at the brink of a breakthrough or major event while on the way to our dreams, goals, and vision. How often do we forget about our successes of the past and focus on what we think can’t happen next?

There are five keys to success, which I call the “Five P’s,” since each step begins with the letter “P:”






Over the next six weeks I’ll be writing about each of these, plus a bonus idea I hope you’ll find useful. In the meantime this week, give yourself the gift of time to ponder these ideas:

What do I believe today about my life that I didn’t (or couldn’t) just a few years ago?

What do I believe is currently impossible for my success?

Is that true? And, how do I know it’s true?

How would my life be different if it wasn’t true?

Have fun with this! See you next week when we open up to the possibility of success. You deserve to have a life worth living!

Terry is an author, speaker, licensed social worker and flight attendant. He is also the director of Spirit, Mind and Body Foundation (spiritmindbodyfoundation.org).