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Are We “Wasting” Time?

Making Sense of Life 5/3/2018

Posted 10/13/17

Do you get criticized by others for thinking and acting “outside the box?” I wouldn’t be surprised. I certainly do. And, like attracts like!

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Are We “Wasting” Time?

Making Sense of Life 5/3/2018


By Dr. Terry Drew Kaaren

Have you ever heard someone say they wished they had the time to learn a new language, clean out the garage, or meditate regularly? My Grandma Esther would have said, “If wishes were horses all beggars would ride.”

We live in a driven, goal-oriented world. Being focused on our goals and mindful of our activities is a good thing; at least it is most of the time. This drive can have the same devastating effect on us as driving a car too far, too long, and at too fast a speed – eventual and unavoidable breakdown.

No one on the planet has any more time than anyone else. We all have 24 hours per day. How we use that time is up to us. Conflict occurs when we feel obligated to do something, or allow guilt to be the driving force in deciding whether or not to do something or go somewhere.

What this leads to is feeling like every minute of every day has to be focused on one thing or another in a hectic fashion. True, we may accomplish many things. But we may also find ourselves busy being busy rather than making progress toward our dreams, goals, and vision. Here’s one very good piece of advice in this regard:

Remember, you don’t have to be doing something “constructive” to contribute
– the vibration of your contented energy is a blessing.

Rev. Jane Beach

Like everything in life, what we do, when we do it, and with whom we do it is ultimately up to us. We will only depress ourselves if we deride our decisions to watch a TV program just for fun, go to a movie, or just have a totally un-planned day. We need downtime. We need to recharge our batteries – mentally, emotionally, physically, sexually, and spiritually.

It’s when we intentionally step back from our projects and take a breath that a breakthrough can occur with renewed energy to continue forward.

It all comes back to balance. It requires we practice one of the most difficult habits around:  We have to make a decision of what’s most important to us. If learning a foreign language is your goal you can easily do that in just 30-minutes per day. True, you might have to give up a sitcom, or play the CDs/MP4s in your car instead of listening to the news for a few weeks, but you can do it.

What have you been bitching about for far too long that you’ve wanted to do, but “don’t have the time?” Do yourself a favor. Do it. Or, if you really aren’t going to do it, then do yourself and everyone around you and stop bitching about it.

Terry is an author, speaker, licensed social worker and flight attendant. He is also the director of Spirit, Mind and Body Foundation (spiritmindbodyfoundation.org).