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Humor in case of Trumpisms

Leave it to a former local


Known for both her political savvy and sense of humor, Mara Keisling, executive director of the Washington, DC-based National Center for Transgender Equality, last week issued a laugh line.

Ahead of Labor Day Weekend and citing the Trump Administration’s strategy of releasing major and often offensive policy decisions/directives late on Friday evenings, Keisling issued a blanket condemnation of the inevitably divisive remarks, releases, statements, tweets, policies issued by Pres. Trump regarding race, women, transgender people, immigrants, muslims.

Keisling issued the following statement:

“Whether releasing major guidance to purge transgender service members, pardoning a notorious racist and civil rights violator or the tacit endorsement of Nazism in America, NCTE wants to get ahead of the White House for yet another pre-weekend news dump that will likely hurt good people. To be clear, we truly hope the President focuses on emergency relief in the wake of Hurricane Harvey and other pressing issues affecting the lives of millions of Americans.

"By condemning the President’s inevitably divisive rhetoric/action in advance, however, we hope to provide a sobering counterpoint to this Administration’s discriminatory agenda and prevent their actions from being buried among this weekend’s news coverage.

"By releasing this unorthodox statement sufficiently ahead of the (Labor Day) weekend, news outlets won’t need to scramble to find expert commentary and guests to respond to the latest, outrageous tweets, statements, directives from the White House this weekend. The news media should know that whichever mean-spirited, and no doubt poisonous, plan/move the President announces/enacts this weekend, odds are high that NCTE and most Americans will be against it.”