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International Update - romania

Kim Davis meets archbishops


American county clerk Kim Davis, who became a religious right folk hero for refusing to provide marriage licenses to same-sex couples after the U.S. Supreme Court’s marriage equality ruling, recently spent nine days in Romania on a speaking tour designed to drum up support for a referendum to put a man-woman-only definition of marriage in the country’s constitution. Davis and Liberty Counsel VP Harry Mihet, who accompanied her on the trip, met with “four out of the six top archbishops of the Orthodox Church” as well as evangelical leaders and the heads of “pro-family” organizations, according to a conversation Mihet had with Liberty Counsel President Mat Staver on his weekly radio show.

Mihet said Davis had a “powerful” message about the need to put a restrictive definition of marriage in the constitution to prevent the kind of “judicial activism and judicial overreach” experienced in the U.S., which he said has had a “Devastating” impact on people of faith in the U.S.

Davis has said she plans to run for re-election in 2018; a man denied a marriage license by Davis said he may run against her.