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Give Sir Bentley a chance at life


Hello, Sir Bentley at your service. Wait! We all know humans wait on US -- not the other way around, right? With my butler-like attire, I'm a dapper and dignified five year old gentleman with "Tuxitude", that aura of classiness that embodies all-around debonair.

Tuxedo cats have a special air about them and are known to be personable and loving. I'm no exception! I was brought to the shelter after having a home for five years because one of my owners was "allergic". When I came here I was terrified and hid in my box. Considering the upheaval in my life, I have adapted to my new circumstances and am showing my true personality. I am super affectionate, easygoing, and well-mannered, yet I can be a goofball, showing my silly catscapades to trusted individuals. I will go out on a limb to befriend you once I feel secure.

Tuxie cats like me have a history of great accomplishments. A tuxedo cat named Stan ran for Mayor in Halifax, Canada! He didn't win, but he brought awareness of the plight of homeless cats to millions of people! I might not be that influential, but I will make a big difference in YOUR life if you reach out and adopt me! I have previously lived with dogs, but after all I've been through, a quiet home would sure be ideal. This "dressed to impress" purrrffect pal is waiting for you!

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