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I'm dreaming of a new family

Give Bing Claswby a chance at life


Hi! That handsome gentleman in the pictures is me -- Bing Clawsby!

Sound familiar? I'm the namesake of the crooner/swooner famous for the song "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas".

I'm a SUPER-affectionate, playful, well-behaved kitty who loves people and being petted. I will lick your nose and cheeks when you put your face near mine. I jump for joy playing with the mouse wand toy and attack the laser pointer dot faster than lightening!

I can be a barrel of laughs, but I also have a calm cozy side and will curl up on your lap for a snooze.

Cats are known to reduce blood pressure and stress, so come home and forget the troubles of your day with me! Look at my face and you can't help but smile and feel happier! We can sit together have a glass of tea or a tuna smoothie (I know you're saying "yuck"!). I

I AM dreaming of a new family who will love me forever. Adopt me and your next Christmas, white or not, will be WONDERFUL!

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