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Open your heart and home to Sneezy Bo Beezy

Give me a chance at life


"Oldies but Goodies" -- don't we all love to hear them? Well, I'm Sneezy Bo Beezy and I'm like those oldies but goodies! I'm a little older than some of the other cats, but always awesome and timeless!

I came to the shelter six months ago and "Baby I Need Your Lovin'"- "Who But a Fool" would not want this sweet, calm, loving "Earth Angel"? Many people "Walk on By", but I wish they would "Take a Chance on Me" and say I love you "Just the Way You Are".

Some days "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry". "All I Have to Do is Dream" about "How Sweet It is to Be Loved By You". When I first came to the shelter I had some very unpleasin' sneezin' and wheezin', but I've gotten much healthier!

If I was "Back Home Again", away from the stress and germs of the shelter, I would feel even better because "You make Me Feel Brand New" and that would be "The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me"! I'm sorry there aren't many different pictures of me, but I was "Blinded by the Light".

I hope someone looks at my kind face and says "You're Just Too Good to be True, Can't Take My Eyes Off of You"! "Let's Get Together" so I can say "It Happened Today"--"Somebody's Got a Hold on Me"! "Please Love Me Forever" because "I Will Always Be There for You". "Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I'm Yours)"! "We Are Family"! " I'll be "Waiting for Your Precious Love"! XOXOXO, Sneezy

BONUS--I get along with other cats!

"I love playing with the crinkly feather wand toy, shoe laces, and the laser pointer. I would like to be a spoiled 'only pet', so a home with dogs or other cats would not be the best place for me.

"I've been here since January, so please consider giving me a third chance at life and meet me soon."

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