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Open your heart and home to Little Diva

Give me a chance at life


Who's your favorite pop Diva? Beyonce? Mariah Carey? Christina Aguilera? Well, meet Little Diva, the prettiest feline diva of all!

"Temper tantrums and outrageous demands are not my style, but I do have a bit of Cattitude. I stay in my 'dressing room' a lot so I can get my beauty sleep. It also takes a lot of preening to look this gorgeous! Canned cat food the right temperature and no stale catnip are my only special requests. No caviar on toast for me, since I'm on a special diet.

"I do have some boundaries - just pet my head, not my back, and please speak gently and softly to me. I was devastated to be returned here, so I'm just learning to trust and be loved again. Sometimes when cats are insecure and frightened, we don't act like ourselves. I might not be very affectionate right now, but I will captivate you with my presence and wow you with my beauty and flawless grace.

"I love playing with the crinkly feather wand toy, shoe laces, and the laser pointer. I would like to be a spoiled 'only pet', so a home with dogs or other cats would not be the best place for me.

"I've been here since January, so please consider giving me a third chance at life and meet me soon."

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