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Give Hamm a chance at life


Hi, I'm Hamm, just like that beloved wise-cracking piggy bank in "Toy Story". I'm the cutest little pork chop with a little Mr. Potato Head whiskerstache! Who says whiskerstaches can't be dainty and petite?

I can be quite the ham, cheesing it up for my caretakers and visitors. I LOVE cat toys and will try to catch the feather wand, or bounce and pounce on the cat mouse teaser. Think I'm all about games? No way! Call me Velcro kitty because I will stick to your lap! No plush toy could be as soft and cuddly as me.

I'm "banking" on you to give me a home where I will be loved and cherished, always and forever. I will steal your heart with my tiny sweet face and winsome ways.

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