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Hi! I'm Bunny Hares. Please don't "hop" to the conclusion that I'm named after a bunny or a hare - Bunny Hares is actually a unique gift shop!

I have an incredibly sweet nature and am affectionate, gentle and loving. I am so quiet that it is easy to pass by my cage. I'm like a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. I'm a DECLAWED kitty soft-paws, so you'll have no worries about me scratching furniture or friends.

I was at the shelter for many months, then some nice people finally fostered me. Sadly, a few weeks later the man was deployed, so here I am again. Cats like me are a precious commodity, so I hope someone will peek into my soul and see my heart full of love!

I don't ask for much -- just a quiet home and someone to love and adore me always and forever!

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