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International Update - Rally in Poland

Conspiracy against homosexuality


Polands's eighth annual independence day rally organized by far-right nationalists drew 60,000 people, including representatives of “Neo-Nazi, white nationalist, and racist groups,” Newsweek reported.

The National Radical Camp, organizer of the rally, “has told its followers on social media that the Syrian migration is part of a conspiracy between Jewish financiers and Communists to destroy the European Union with Islam, Sharia law and homosexuality,” reports Newsweek. “The group considers itself the new version of a movement with the same name in the 1930s that tried to drive out Jews from Poland years before the Holocaust started.”

Among the banners and chants were “White Europe,” “Clean Blood,” “Europe Will Be White,” “Pray or Islamic Holocaust,” and “We Want God.” “Supporters of the country’s governing conservative Law and Justice (PiS) party took part in the annual march,” reported the BBC, which noted that Interior Minister Mariusz Blaszczak called the gathering a “beautiful sight.” It said the event also drew about 2,000 anti-fascist counter-demonstrators.