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Horrific, inevitable, preventable, senseless tragedy

Are guns an LGBT issue?


It has happened again.

A man opened fire.

At least 58 dead, 500+ injured.

Another horrific, inevitable, preventable, senseless tragedy.

Pulse has been eclipsed as the worst mass shooting in US history. And this one will be too. Somewhere, the profile tells us, there is another disaffected, angry man, likely with a history of domestic violence who is building an arsenal like the one reportedly in the shooter’s room as he slaughtered people from his balcony. His twisted sense of masculinity and entitlement coupled with an internet that feeds his petty grievances into a noble mission in his deluded mind.

Had everyone at the concert been armed they could not have stopped the killing. He opened fire at his leisure from a tactically superior vantage point.

More guns aren’t making us more safe. More military-style weaponry is killing us with regularity.

I’m heartbroken about Las Vegas. But right now all I can feel is rage at the predictability of it and the utter failure of our leaders to do a damn thing.

Editor's Note: Central Voice (March-April 2017) in one of its ongoing series of stories called Intersection – do gays need guns? With Gays Against Guns once again mobilizing after last week’s Las Vegas mass shooting, what will the future hold?