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4 initiatives unveiled for LGBTQ community


At its recent meeting the the Pennsylvania Commission on LGBTQ Affairs came up with four major initiatives.

During its February meeting in Washington, PA, the commission cformed four groups - two within Schools That Teach and one each for Government That Works and Jobs That Pay.

The two Schools That Teach initiatives: Gender Education and Inclusive Sexual Health Education would include LGBTQ-inclusive curricula in school, similar to legislation recently passed in New Jersey) and Positively Impact School Climate (which would include creating a toolkit, creating best/promising practices, etc.)

The Jobs That Pay initiative includes efforts to break down regulatory obstacles that prevent access to housing, resources, etc. and also providing access to job/training resources to homeless LGBTQ youth.

The Government That Works initiative will push to implement statewide nondiscrimination legislation and also audit new laws to ensure inclusion and prevent discrimination of the homeless, youth and seniors.

These four groups welcome participation from community members outside the commissioners.

The commission next meets May 3 in Philadelphia. The following meeting is in Erie on August 9, the day before the 27th Annual Erie Pride Picnic.