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Are you into the coffee shop scene? If so, you may have heard of Bubble Tea. Yes, there really is such a drink! It is sweet, smooth, and very popular... like me! I'm a cupful of love who gives lots … more
Prepare to be charmed! I'm Kittany, the klepto-kat. What do I steal? People's hearts, of course! I'm a gorgeous, gray tabby with a silky, shimmery, swirl- patterned coat. I'm all about hugs, … more
I'm Alf. No, not an Alien from that 80's TV show, but an Adorable Loving Feline! I have a very distinguished air about me. I just prefer a more sedentary, contemplative lifestyle. A sunny window … more
Hi, I'm Seabrook! I was found in Hershey, so I must be the sweetest cat in town! Yes, hard to believe a little beauty like me is a castaway. I quickly warm up to people with gentle petting and … more
Styles are always changing, but long-haired cats are ALWAYS in vogue! I'm Valencia, a Spanish name , but I have a French style of fur called Ombre. My luxurious locks start with black then gradually … more
MIB ... protecting the earth from the rodents of the universe. That's me, Morton in Black, Agent 15580085! When I'm not defending the world against all things alien, I am a mega-loving lap cat who … more
Are you a warm-hearted human looking for companionship and long term commitment?Then look no further because I'm the cat for you! My new name is Gray. I am 9 years old and not so lucky to be with … more
Hi, I'm Hamm, just like that beloved wise-cracking piggy bank in "Toy Story". I'm the cutest little pork chop with a little Mr. Potato Head whiskerstache! Who says whiskerstaches can't be dainty and … more
Hello, Dr. Deano here and I would like to talk to you today about the psychology of the color orange, especially since it pertains to me! Orange is an energetic color, bringing out feelings of … more
Hi! I'm Bunny Hares. Please don't "hop" to the conclusion that I'm named after a bunny or a hare - Bunny Hares is actually a unique gift shop! I have an incredibly sweet nature and am … more
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