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Listing of nations around the globe

Death penalties if you're gay

Gay Star News has assembled a list of countries where gay people may be punished by death. Brunei is far from being the only nation sentencing gay people to death. The tiny nation recently …


Are Americans so incredibly, amazingly, jaw-droppingly stupid, ignorant, helpless, dumb?

I was greeted this morning by the spectacle of a President calling refugees and immigrants “animals” on Twitter. But that wasn’t the truly disgraceful thing. I scrolled through my …

Is this study really news?

College age men, women have lots of gay sex

An analysis of 24,000 undergraduate students revealed that of the men whose last hookup was with a male partner, one in eight defined as heterosexual.

Street renaming ceremony

Honoring one who paved the way for many

Following the City of Allentown's action to re-name one block of S. Law Street, between Hamilton and Walnut, Bayard Rustin Way, Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center hosted a street re-naming …

State Rep. Boyle calls for investment boycott

Law OKs death by stoning, whipping LGBT people

As the nation of Brunei enacts a new law today that implements stoning or whipping to death under anti-LGBT laws, PA Rep. Kevin Boyle is calling on the Commonwealth to end any business investments …

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At what age does a gay man give up?

Looking for love but resigned to being single

“I’m 52 and I’m single and on some level I feel like I’ve failed because by the time you’re my age, you really should be settled.” So said British TV host …

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Legislative redistricting starts to heat up

With 50 affiliated groups across Pennsylvania, Fair Districts PA is holding a volunteer open house to educate and enlist interested citizens in the redistricting reform effort. The event will be …


Identity politics is ‘all we have'

The center right and far right continue to decry identity politics. Take Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, who recently declared, “Identity politics will destroy this country faster than a …

Making Sense of Life

Who takes care of YOU?

Is your life out of balance between what you give and what you receive? You know the old saying, “It’s better to give than it is to receive.” But the …

America prez and his partner?

Were 'Bachelor' Buchanan and the VP a 'couple'?

“If elected, you would be the first openly gay president of the United States,” Stephen Colbert said to Pete Buttigieg after the mayor of South Bend, Indiana, declared his candidacy. …


Fed judge: Trump can’t apply trans military ban

A federal judge just rebuked the Trump administration for saying that it would implement its transgender military ban, arguing that one of the injunctions against the ban in still in …

Just Ask Mike Huckabee

'Greatest threat' to America: queer people

Former Arkansas governor, GOP Presidential hopeful and over-all troll Mike Huckabee has lashed out at the queer community, labeling LGBTQ people the “greatest threat” to …

Open your heart and home

Boku & Sazi - a dynamic duo!

We're a dynamic duo, ready to capture your affections and win your heart! We arrived here as kittens last June, so we're almost one year old. We live in the catominium by the front desk, and when …