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Anti-gay flyer backfires

Bil Browning reports on Malcolm Kenyatta, who ran for the Pennsylvania state legislature in the May 15, 2018 primary election. If voters put him in the seat in November, he would be the first gay …

Jesus Christ named Barack Obama as Satan himself. What other proof do you need?!

6 of the craziest religious right conspiracy theories

In the Trump era, conspiracy theories have almost become a religion unto themselves. For the first time in memory, an avid conspiracy theorist holds the highest office in the land and keeps company …


Explanation of 'queering racial justice'

Everyone’s lived experience is different,” says Keisha McToy, Manager of Operations, Alder Health Services.Keisha McToy is a Harrisburg native. She is Manager of Operations for Alder …

Will Billy Graham’s anti-LGBTQ legacy live on?

Gay folks - 'avoid' reconciling faith with Graham’s Christian beliefs?

Now that the dust has settled on the news cycle around Billy Graham’s death, perhaps we can counter the hymn-like praise he received from every single major media outlet. They acted like …

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Oklahoma enacts 2018’s first anti-LGBTQ law

Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin signed SB 1140 into law, making the state the first in the nation to enact anti-LGBTQ legislation in 2018. The new law allows taxpayer-funded child placing agencies to …

Open your heart and home to Little Diva

Give me a chance at life

Who's your favorite pop Diva? Beyonce? Mariah Carey? Christina Aguilera? Well, meet Little Diva, the prettiest feline diva of all!

Weekly distribution in Harrisburg

Collecting items for "Blessing Bags"

MCC of the Spirit, 2973 Jefferson Street, Harrisburg, is collecting items to put in Blessing Bags to be given to the homeless in downtown Harrisburg every week.

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For our civil rights you'll find

2018 will certainly be the year of the courts

After everything that lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people experienced in 2017 — from roundups and torture in Chechnya to antigay witch hunts in Egypt and Indonesia, closure of …

Creating community is messy

Navigating the complexities

People often ask me, “What does the LGBT Center DO?” I tell folks about our mission and our programs and the services that we offer. When it comes down to it, though, we are a community center - …

Hundreds turned out in Harrisburg

Fighting for our lives - what was once safe is not

The March 24 Harrisburg March for Our Lives rally, one of 800+ events held worldwide, drew several hundred gun-control advocates, including one whose home-made sign said “Gays Against Guns”. …


'Extraordinary' spread of ancient HTLV-1 virus

CNN’s Jacqueline Howard reports that rates of HTLV-1 infection are exceeding 40% in remote areas of central Australia.An ancient virus infecting residents across Australia's Northern Territory …

Terry Drew Karanen’s Grandma Esther speaks

From the trailer park to the pulpit

Central Voice columnist Terry Drew Karanen’s recently published collection of sayings by his maternal grandmother Esther, born in 1909, show the wisdom that helped create a life and career in …

Europe & Central Asia

Scarce funding for queer advocacy groups

A new report indicates that funding is scarce in Europe and central Asia for queer advocacy groups.