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Rejuvenated and successful get-togethers

'Pop-up' in York City

“Each month looks different, because the places we take over appeal to different members of our community,” says Ralph Serpe, a regular at events hosted by the hugely successful "pop-up bar in …

Your guide to local resources

LGBT Guide 2018

The LGBT+ Guide for Central PA!


AETNA's $27 Million HIV settlement

“This settlement sends a message that the law requires HIV-related information to be maintained in a private and protected manner. People living with HIV and those on PReP should feel confident …

1 in 5 LGBT people on the planet lives in India

India's Supreme Court moving on gay sex ban

The Indian Supreme Court's Jan. 8 decision to re-examine its own 2013 ruling re-instating the nation's ban on gay sex is moving fast.

Pa Lawmakers demand Governor take action

Delete gender-neutral language

Rep. Daryl Metcalfe (R-12) along with 25 other State Representatives recently sent a letter to Governor Wolf urging him to rescind the policy update that provides for Pennsylvania birth certificates …

Your guide to local resources

LGBT Guide 2018

The LGBT+ Guide for Central PA!

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Take Grimsby home

I give the BEST kitty hugs

Grimsby, cool name, huh? It is a seaport town in England and a song by Elton John! Well, I AM waiting for my ship to come in! I am a gentle, warmhearted, marmalade love-bug who gives the BEST …

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On being an LGBTQIAAA+ ally

What does it mean to be an ally to folks on the LGBTQIAAA+ spectrum? What is the role of the ally in supporting those on the spectrum?

Non-stop assaults continue

TransCentralPA Topics

Inarguably 2017 has not been a great year for the LGBT community. The assaults on us and our brothers and sisters have been virtually non-stop. We read every day about some …

Here's help to understand

Sexual harassment under the law

Allegations of sexual harassment in the worlds of media, politics, and entertainment have dominated the headlines in recent weeks. But what exactly is sexual harassment, and how can employers avoid …


Guess what's killing men?

Are you comfortable “being yourself?” This may seem like a silly question. Who else would we be if we aren’t being ourselves? And yet, do you …

Be yourself

Love myself and love my skin

Hi, my name is Micah Peterson and I’m from Phoenix, Arizona. So, when I was 21, I was in college at Oberlin up in Ohio, which is the middle of nowhere. I had an opportunity to study abroad in …