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Dr. Jeannine Ruhsam

Noted Trans leader dies unexpectedly

Dr. Jeannine Ruhsam, well known throughout the region, recently died unexpectedly. For more than a decade, Ruhsam was an advocate in Central Pennsylvania’s transgender community. With the …

House and Senate Democrats united

A stand against bigotry and hate

House and Senate Democrats took a stand against hate and bigotry in light of the Trump administration's preparation to implement the transgender military ban. Lucas Acosta, spokesperson for the …

Luxembourg Prime minister

Arab leaders confronted on repression gay rights

Luxembourg’s prime minister, Xavier Bettel, has confronted Arab leaders over the repression of gay rights, telling them his same-sex marriage would condemn him to death in some of their …

'exvies' are heading for the door

Evangelicals abandon churches because of Trump

One of the great imponderables of the current political scene is how conservative white evangelicals have become so beholden to a thrice-married, casino-owning, scandal-ridden serial philanderer asks …

Health issues of concern

For lesbians and women who have sex with women

All women face certain health risks. However, sexual minority women, such as those who identify as lesbian or bisexual as well as women who have sex with women, have some specific health …

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Open your heart and home

Take Bubble Tea home --- please!

Are you into the coffee shop scene? If so, you may have heard of Bubble Tea. Yes, there really is such a drink! It is sweet, smooth, and very popular... like me! I'm a cupful of love who gives lots …

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Join 800 people from 50 states, 7 provinces

Every year around now, I have written to tell you about the forthcoming Keystone Conference, and this year is no exception because it is an important event for the Susquehanna Valley …


Identity politics is ‘all we have'

The center right and far right continue to decry identity politics. Take Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, who recently declared, “Identity politics will destroy this country faster than a …

Grand Jury Report On Predatory Priests

You may want to rethink fish fry season

Lent is arriving in Pittsburgh and that means fish fry season is upon us. A mainstay of Catholic culture in Pittsburgh, this is the first fish fry season since the release of the Grand Jury …

beautiful day in the neighborhood

Mr. Rogers was bisexual according to his friends

A recently-released biography of Fred Rogers says that the children’s television icon was bisexual. The Good Neighbor: The Life and Work of Fred Rogers by Maxwell King was released last …


History Project Launches in State Capitol

The LGBT Center of Central PA will be one of the collaborative partners for The Long Road to LGBTQ+ Equality in Pennsylvania, a traveling history exhibit that chronicles the efforts that …

An analysis

Medicare for all reduces overall costs

 The 2018 elections are now complete.   Nine percent of Americans still do not have health insurance and 30% more are under-insured, meaning that they cannot afford the health care …

At what age does a gay man give up?

Looking for love but resigned to being single

“I’m 52 and I’m single and on some level I feel like I’ve failed because by the time you’re my age, you really should be settled.” So said British TV host …