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PA Chapter of NOW

Will only endorse candidates who call for resignation of abusers

PA Chapter of the National Organization for Women is amending its endorsement process to ensure that the organization is only supporting candidates who speak out not only against sexual harassment …

Harrisburg's annual Harmony Walk

Celebration of cooperation among religions

Embrace your individuality

An army that will unconditionally support

It’s the high school ending some of us wish we always had. For Hunter Sigmund and Jake Bain, it actually happened.

It's getting ugly out there folks

Wagner campaign shares meme mocking trans people

Max Marin of Billy Penn reports that a text message accidentally received by Billy Penn shows a campaign consultant for Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner sharing a lewd meme

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PA Rep Brian Sims alleges

There are 12+ closeted PA legislators?

Bil Browning reports for LGBT Nation that PA State Rep. Brian Sims may be the state’s first out legislator, but he says he’s definitely not the first gay lawmaker. In fact, he says he …

Open your heart and home

Purrrfect Valencia

Styles are always changing, but long-haired cats are ALWAYS in vogue! I'm Valencia, a Spanish name , but I have a French style of fur called Ombre. My luxurious locks start with black then gradually …


Backlash against conversion 'therapy' continues

Georgia Voice’s Joshua Chen reports that it was not until relatively recently that LGBTQ identities were declassified as mental illnesses. In 1992, the World Health Organization …

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Family planning fundings threats

If you’re not familiar with terms like Title X or gag rule (which is most readers), why should you care if family planning funds are changed, cut, or eliminated?  “The gag rule …


Truth, lies, BS and the presidency

“It’s all bullshit and it’s bad for you.” That’s George Carlin—may he be resting in peace—in one of his last and best routines. He wanted …

Rolling back our rights

TransCentralPA Topics

August 5th marked the end of the major Pride Celebrations in the Susquehanna Valley and TransCentralPA proudly participated in Lancaster, Harrisburg and finally York.

Judgment v. curiosity

Making Sense of Life

Do you enjoy the work of Emma Curtis Hopkins? If you’re unfamiliar with her name, she was a well-known teacher in the New Thought Movement went it was young. One of …


From Sharknado to teleportation by Jesus

As serious as Hurricane Florence is, some media pundits cannot resist their worst angels. Radio host Rush Limbaugh is falsely claiming Hurricane Florence is full of sharks. In urban legend, the …

Is gay culture global?

India last in

Is there really such a thing as a global culture? Consider gay rights. Last Thursday the Indian Supreme …