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Op-Ed about House Bill 861

Proposed law will strip away LGBTQ+ rights

The PA State House recently held a hearing on House Bill 861, which if it were to become law, would preempt workplace-related ordinances in Pennsylvania enacted since January 1, 2015. That may sound …

Area artists at Art Assoc of Harrisburg

Plein air paintings exhibit

An exhibition of plein air paintings by eight area artists will premiere at The Art Association of Harrisburg July 27. A reception to mark the opening of the exhibition is set from 5 to 8 …

2018 Lancaster pride

Thousands proclaim civil rights

Lancaster Pride drew thousands out to Conestoga Street in downtown Lancaster June 23. "We’re not going anywhere but our fight for basic civil rights isn’t over,” one participant …

Supreme Court's ruling - a balancing act ...

Free to express one's religion or to be free from discrimination?

On June 4, 2018, the United States Supreme Court upheld the right of a self-described cake artist in Colorado to refuse to sell a wedding cake to a same-sex couple. As framed by the Supreme Court, …

Program explained, services offered

National HIV Testing Day at Hamilton Center

Hamilton Health Center focused on National HIV Testing Day June 27 in the Highmark Community Room in Harrisburg. The event featured information about the center's services, free refreshments, …

Your guide to local resources

LGBT Guide 2018

The LGBT+ Guide for Central PA!

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PA Rep Brian Sims alleges

There are 12+ closeted PA legislators?

Bil Browning reports for LGBT Nation that PA State Rep. Brian Sims may be the state’s first out legislator, but he says he’s definitely not the first gay lawmaker. In fact, he says he …

Open your heart and home

Give Bunny Hares a chance

Hi! I'm Bunny Hares. Please don't "hop" to the conclusion that I'm named after a bunny or a hare - Bunny Hares is actually a unique gift shop! I have an incredibly sweet nature and am …

for 2018 mid-term elections

Pennsylvania has been prioritized!

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Trump trade policy like schoolyard bully in charge

Newspapers are in the crosshairs

A good trade policy is like beauty – in the eye of the beholder. Although thoughtful people can, do, and should disagree, let’s remember there was a time when elected officials "led" …

Trump's attempt to roll back gains for LGBT Americans

Standing up for America’s LGBT elders

 Older LGBT Americans continue to pave the way for equality. They display perseverance and courage regardless of the obstacles, they fight against discrimination and stand up …

Homophobes and transphobes

TransCentralPA Topics

Frankly, as I listen to the continuing bigoted rhetoric uttered by the homophobes and the transphobes out there, especially those that claim any patch of moral or religious high …

It's Pride Season

What can we learn from Stonewall?

It’s Pride season, marked by the festivals, flags and social media frames - and lots of opportunities to be out and proud celebrating who we are. I love this season, and it’s a reminder …


You’re smug, I’m not

By Trum Simmons A recent column in The New York Times was headlined “Liberals, You’re Not as Smart as You Think.” While many liberals are very smart, the writer said, “they …

Take pride in your relationships

Making Sense of Life - July 2018

Have you noticed how complicated relationships can be? The LGBTQAI+ communities have developed relationship issues, expectations, and social norms beyond our straight …